Thursday, January 23, 2014

Sonar Char, Patuakhali

It was 18th October 2013, I started early in the morning to Galachipa from Patuakhali Sadar. Despite, I had visited “Sonar Char” about an year ago, I could not ignore my hidden excitement to go their again. The excitement was not only for the beauty of the island but also feeling the thrill to cross the Agunmukha, The Bura Gourango river, Canals containing Mangrove forest on the both side of the bank and last but not the least that I would have to stay Rangabali Upazilla for few days. The exhilaration was for enjoying the nature as it is because the Upazilla is out of all modern amenities. Electricity is not available. Only a low power solar bulb would illuminate my place of living. (More about Rangabali)

Whatever, I along with my DC sir and Commissioner sir reached Galachipa in time and started our river cruise by speed boat from the Panpatti ghat of Galachipa. The Agunmukha was calm and quiet as the winter season was knocking at the door. This river is notoriously known for its wild and furious nature during rainy season. It took about three hours to reach at “Sonar Char” passing behind the Koralia ghat, Char kashem, Char Montaz, Andar Char, Char Kalagasia and few others. Herds of wild buffaloes are seen frequently. Different types of birds and wild deer can be seen in the forest near the “Sonar Char”. “Sonar Char” has no human Settlement. It has a nice Sea beach. Thousands of Red Crab are seen on the beach. This is a fabulous experience to watch them with such great numbers.









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In the afternoon, Commissioner sir and DC sir started their return journey to Patuakhali Sadar. I along with OC Rangabali started for Baher Char(Upazilla Headquarter). I reached their at 7.00 p.m. I had been there at Baher Char for 5 (Five) days. I made 10.00 p.m. to 7.00 a.m. night duty each night through the Agunmukha, The Bura Gourango, Ramnabad Channel, Moudubi area to the Bay of Bengal accompanied by Upazilla Fish Officer, Police force and Naval force to protect Hilsha Fish at their pick breeding season. Also, conducted an extensive drive in a canal of Koralia to make it free from fixed nets and obstacles imposed by illegal land grabbers, Sentenced jail to two eve-teasers during my stay at Baher Char. I performed this” Hilsha Fish Protection programme” in the previous year at the Kalapara Upazilla and its adjacent sea shore.




I used to take rest at the room which was used by former UNO sir. I got a nice company of MR. Shimul, a local business man and unforgettable types of protocol by Thangu, a Rakhaine boy (4th class government employee). I never had to call Thangu for any needs. Surprisingly, he made everything done before giving any instruction. One day while I was taking my lunch, suddenly got hiccupped and felt to drink water. Water was in the bottle and glass was given at right place. Thangu was beyond my eye sight, even outside of the room. Mysteriously, he came into the room and poured me the glass of water.

I enjoyed the island life and the different life style of the marginal people of the island. That was my last outdoor assignment in Patuakhali since I had received transfer order from Patuakhali.


This is evening time 9th November 2013, writing this story. The sun just set down and watched it from my cabin window, leaving Patuakhali town behind, forwarding to Dhaka by launch. I may come to Patuakhali in future but it is not possible to feel these places again as I passed my last 17 months here and the emotional attachment of different times manufactured by various characters. I don’t know why nostalgia brings an emotion of pain and pleasure together. Whatever, tomorrow, The Sun will Rise. "Who Knows What The Tide Could Bring?".

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