Thursday, May 23, 2013

Rangabali Upazilla

Rangabali is a very recent addition as Administrative unit (Upazilla) of Bangladesh. It has started its journey from the early 2012. This Upazilla has five Union Parishads. They are Char kajol, Char Montaz, Baro Baisdia, Choto Baisdia and Coralia. It seemed one of the most unreachable parts of Bangladesh. Because these lands separated by a very ferocious river named Agunmukha. It is called that Agunmukha is the junction where seven rivers meets together and continues to the sea. I got several chances to cross this Agunmukha between the year 2012 and 2013. But my visits were mainly at winter season when the river was calm and quiet. Though the Agunmukha is calm in the winter season but local people do not dare to cross it even after 4 p.m. This is a deprived land of more or less 297 sqkm. There is no concrete road in the upazilla. People use Motor bike, engine van (Nasiman) as transport system. There is a police station at Coralia but no Upazilla building is built yet. There is only one government officer (Upazilla Nirbahi Officer) lives here but with his won arrangement.

Nature rules here with its distinct features. If anybody wishes to enjoy the pure village life and taste of invincible nature, he must come here. There is a schedule launches from Dhaka that comes to Rangabali regularly. But facilities of the launches are not good enough. Panpatti of Galachipa Upazilla is reachable by car and other vehicles. It takes 35-40 minutes to cross Agunmukha by engine trawler to Rangabali main island (Coralia) from Panpatti. Herds of Duck on the river bank can be seen from the trawler. A lot of fishing boats are also found. Technology deprived lifestyle and fishing oriented culture is all-around. The most southern island of this upazilla is called Sonar char. This is a beautiful island with fresh beach and a forest range. The journey to this beach through the river, leaving forest on the both side of the bank is amazing. But there is no rest house in Sonar Char. (More about Sonar Char is coming soon. Keep visiting the site daily.)

Fishing boats kept in rest near Coralia Ghat

Coralia Ghat


Bazar Near Coralia Ghat


Agunmukha River flowing towards the Bay of Bengal (Taken at afternoon)

Wild Duck on the river bank


Panpatti Ghat



Sun set Senario at Panpatti Ghat

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