Monday, July 23, 2012

Shari River & LalaKhal, Sylhet

Travelers come to sylhet mainly to enjoy the scenic beauty of Jaflong, Tamabil boarder and Madhabkunda Stream fall. Lalakhal is somewhat unfamiliar to the tourist but undoubtedly an ecstatic place of interest.

India-Bangladesh Boarder (Sharing of Shari River)

There is a place known as “Sharighat” on the way to Jaintapur and Jaflong. It takes about 45 minutes to 1 hour from Sylhet to reach at Sarighat. From Sharighat one can hire engine boats to go to Lalakhal. Engine boats are of various sizes. One engine boats carrying 10-12 people can charge about tk. 1200 for the entire journey (Up and down).



Stone Lifting Boat

This boat journey to the Lalakhal is through the Shari river. The water in this river is very clear and blue. This river is shared with India. The origin of this river is in the Meghalaya state of India. This river carries huge amount of sediments and stones from the upstream to Bangladesh and local people lift those stone for business purpose.



Journey to the Lalakhal through Shari river is really an wonderful experience. This is a remote place on the both side of the river. The river bank is not so high. You can watch the mountain range of Meghalaya from the boat journey. The more you forwarded to Lalakhal the water colour becomes greener. People washing their clothes and bathing in the green water are very much charming. One must be insisted to jump in the river for swimming.


Cautions: Though the river is not so deep but some drowned news have been reported during swimming in this river. Use life jacket before swimming. There are some hilly snakes in the river bank. So, watch your steps.

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