Monday, April 16, 2012

Celebration of Pohela Boisakh 1419 & Theme Photography

Pohela Boisakh is not only a festival for the first day of Bangla calendar but also it has a vast and far depth of view in our life. The place where we live in, the language what we speak with, the ancestors who brought us here in this stage of lifestyle are deeply connected to understand the scope of Pohela Boisakh. This is the biggest occasion for the Bangalee people. Since, this land is our home, Bangla is our way of expression, we must celebrate our ancestor’s norms and rituals. We should not let those cultures buried with time. Nobody will protect it unless we. Our thousands of years’ old culture should get remarkable presentation since it made us the proud bearer of such a colourful and diversified cultural history in the world and Pohela Boisakh is such a biggest occasion to celebrate these rich culture. Now a day, Pohela Boisakh is also a day to celebrate the secular and congenial social environment of Bangladesh. Pohela Boisakh is not only entitled with Bangladesh, it is a huge day for the Bangla speaking people all over the world, mostly West Bengal, Assam, Tripura and Odissha of India.

The programmes of Pohela Boisakh in Bangladesh are Borsho Boron at Ramna Batmul in Dhaka, Mongal Sovajatra organized by the Fine arts Institute students of Dhaka University, Borsho Boron Utshab (New year celebration), Boisakhi Mela (Fair), Halkhata (Opening new accounts for new year) at the shops are arranged and celebrated all over the country.

These are the photographs of this year’s celebrations and art works of our ethnic ancestor’s life styles.


Drawing Largest Alpana at Manik Mia Avenue


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Borsho Boron at Ramna Botomul


Mongal Sovajatra Theme: Achievement in Ocean.


Mongal Sovajatra Theme: War Criminals


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