Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Winter Fishing In A Typical Village Pond of Bangladesh

It was the middle of January 2012. I intended to go to a school visit at horishchar union of Laksham Upazilla in comilla. I was fast so I had reached there before the school started. So, I was hanging here and there to find some subjects of photography. With my immense surprise, I noticed a gathering of all ages surrounding a village pond. It seemed like a celebration/feast day for the villagers. All of them were waiting eagerly and auspiciously for the distribution of fishes. They all had shares on those fishes.

Winter fishing is not similar to other kind of fishing. This is not for necessity rather for the enjoyment. Because, in the winter a large number of shallow ponds become dry. Before completely dried up of the pond, the rest of the water of the pond is sucked out by water pump. Then fishes are caught by bare hand and by bamboo basket.

Mostly the young celebrate this event joyfully. They catch frogs, snakes from the dried pond and play with them. They also participate in the fishing event. It is also a pleasant moment for the villagers to watch different kinds of fishes in a same place. They gossip each other about the taste of different fishes and their cooking preparations.

I enjoyed this event a lot and spent about an hour with them as well as tried to pick some moments of their event and joy.












The way to the village looking very illusive in the foggy morning. But It was unrevealed due to shortage of time.

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