Monday, January 23, 2012

Book Reading Activity of Bishwo Shahitto Kendro, A Concrete Nourishment to Live an Enlightened Life

Many of you have already heard the name of "Bishwo Shahitto Kendro" (BSK), also known as "World Literature Centre" in Bangladesh. As far as I know, this is an unique organization in the world which runs some stunning types of Book Reading programmes to light up the human individuals.

Professor Abdullah Abu Sayeed, the lone founder of BSK had realized that, to make a country progressive and to make a nation step forward, we need thousands of broad, enlightened, liberal, brave, astounded, open-minded, free-thinking individuals. And such individuals can only be produced through the nourishment of healthy books. He started this amazing organization in the year of 1978 only with taka 30.

Now, this organization is working all over the country in more than 6000 high schools with some financial support of government and other foreign assistance. In the high schools, children get 16 different books per class to read throughout the year. In the higher secondary level, the students get more 12 world classic books per year. At the year end, the successful readers are awarded with a handful of books also.

BSK also introduced Mobile Library. This four wheeler libraries relentlessly run to the different Districts and Upazillas of Bangladesh. They have a schedule to cover a village or area once per week for a certain periods of time. Homebound and local readers take books from this library. Moreover, Bishwo Shahitto Kendro conducts a lot of Study Circle in different Universities and centrally from its main building- 14, Kazi Nazrul Islam Avenue, Dhaka-1000.

This is a bombastic effort to bring the individuals towards patience, self realization, humanity, secularity and progress. Hats off to Professor Abdullah Abu Sayeed, for his extraordinary, pioneering and true realization of present needs of the society. Hope the hole nation and society will drink the payback of this enormous endeavor in near future.

Recently, BSK has awarded its successful readers of School programme-2011 (Dhaka city) at Ramna Park. Here, I am sharing some moments of this prize giving Ceremony-2012.














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