Thursday, December 9, 2010

Riverine Natural Beauty of Shibchar, Madaripur

In our primary education, we have read that Bangladesh is criss-crossed by hundreds of rivers. The situation can not be realized without visiting the Shariatpur (শরীয়তপুর), Madaripur (মাদারীপুর) and other southern districts. If someone wants to take the taste of real Bangla, the taste of Bivutivushan's (বিভূতিভুষণ) Bangladesh then he must go shariatpur and Madaripur districts. Rivers along with green fields, Bogs, marshes, low lying lands besides the households delineates a typical nature of green Bangladesh.


It is not difficult to reach in Shibchar (শিবচর) from Dhaka. If anybody wishes then he can come back in Dhaka after visiting Shibchar within a day. At first one have to go Mawa ghat. There are a lot of bus services from Gulistan to Mawa ghat (মাওয়া ঘাট). From Mawa one can take his journey by launch, Speed boat or trawler. The shortest way to Shibchor is to reach in Shaiatpur ghat. If anybody wants to visit the Shariatpur ends then he has to go Majhir ghat by launch or speed boat.











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