Monday, March 22, 2010

Ahsan Manjil, Dhaka

Ahsan Manzil (আহসান মঞ্জিল) is one of the most significant architectural monuments of Bangladesh. It is a giant building and the history of the building is preserved here in the museum. This building is considered very important due to its political witness. The construction of the palace was begun in 1859 and completed in 1872. Abdul Ghani named it Ahsan Manzil after his son Nawab Khwaja Ahsanullah (নবাব খাজা আহসানউল্লাহ). The newly built palace first came to be known as the Rang Mahal (রংমহল). On April 7, 1888. Recognising the historical and architectural importance of the Ahsan Manzil, the government of Bangladesh took the initiative to renovate it. In 1985 Ahsan Manzil and its surroundings were acquired. After the completion of the renovation work in 1992 under the supervision of the Directorate of Public Works and Architecture, it was brought under the control of Bangladesh National Museum (20 September 1992). A museum has been established there.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Golden Temple, Bandarban

In Bandarban, you can visit Keukaradang Hill, Nilachal, Chimbuk, Meghla Lake and a lot of other natural beauty. Bandarban city itself is very different from other city of Bangladesh. It is a hilly city, full of tribal evidence. You can taste some hilly fruits from the local market. Market places of Bandarban attracts the tourists. The markets have various types of tribal clothes like Thami, Lungi and Shal etc.



There is a very interesting tourist attraction near Bandarban city is Golden temple (স্বর্ণমন্দির). This Golden Temple exhibits unique Arakanese Architecture (South-East Asia style) and houses Lord Buddha's dhatu (material remains of a holy person) and the second largest statue of Lord Buddha in Bangladesh. It is obviously an important architectural structure in Bangladesh. So, Who wants to visit Bandarban should not miss the chance to visit this temple.






Sitakunda Upazilla, Chittagong

Sitakunda is a major site for pilgrim in Bangladesh. It features 280 mosques (including the Shah Mosque) 8 mazars (including Baro Awlias Mazar, Kalu Shah Mazar, Fakir Hat Mazar), 49 Hindu temples (including Labanakhya Mandir, Chandranath Mandir, Shambunath Mandir), 3 ashrams (including Sitakunda Shankar Math), and 3 Buddhist temples. So, Sitakunda could be a great tourist spot for travelers and transport system to Sitakunda is very comfortable. It can be reached from both district city of Feni and Chittagong.


Chandranath Hill


It was the starting of spring (13th february), we set out for a small tour in Sitakunda. Bad luck was chasing us, that’s why we could not attend the biggest festival in sitakunda. Every year sitakunda experienced a three days fair in the foot of the hill of Chandranath.




Eco-Park Stream

This hill and temple of Chandranath is one of the biggest attraction in Sitakunda. This hill is considered as an holy place for Hindu religion. People come from India, Nepal also from other neighboring countries to visit the temple of Chandranath. This temple is at the top of the hill. Its summit is 1200 feet high from the sea level. This is really an aspiring height to reach for a traveler.


Sitakunda also has a beautiful Eco-park. It contains several natural stream flow. Sunset points, Golf club, Ship breaking yards etc can be other attractions for the tourists.