Friday, August 31, 2018

University of Sussex (Campus Life)

One of the most fabulous year of my life, I spent in Brighton, United Kingdom. It came with the responsibility to attended a Post Graduate Program in the University of Sussex from September 2016 to August 2017. It was 33A, Park Village, a family residence, my sweet home. My memorable times ran away so fast through participating in the Cricket training on every weekend in the indoor sports complex, studying in the central library, roaming in Bramber house Cooperative, Coffee Shop, student union, family room of Norwich house, East slope bar, Park village study room, York House reading room and obviously by walking in the National Park (Stanmer Park) surrounding the university campus. Now this is just one year of coming back to my home country, but whenever I think about those time, I become nostalgic and emotional. Still I can smell that fresh nature of Sussex, feel the shivering cold and gust of the winter, gentle wind of the summer evenings, softness of the green grasses of the campus. The most simple expression of my heart is, I love Sussex very much.

These photos keep my memories live and now sharing with all of you.

Park Village Play Ground

In front of the Central Library

Northfield Housing

Nature Symbolizes upcoming winter

Rainbow view of the East Slope housing

Snow fall view in front of my home 33A Park Village

Library Square

Centre of the Campus (Infront of Bramber House)

Dinner Music in the fresher week program

Nature Symbolizes upcoming winter

Park Village Residences

In front of Jublee Building

Tulip Garden

Tree in the Park Village Play Ground

Night view of the campus residence

Sunny day in the campus

Park Village play ground and my baby's three wheeler cycle

Garden beside Sussex House